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Decrease Your Risk by 80% with Phishing Simulations

Easily enroll staff

Easy Setup

Seamlessly Enroll Staff through Microsoft 365 Integration, manual entry or CSV upload.

Threat Aware Monitor Dark Web Threats

Send Simulated Attacks

Choose from an extensive library of premium templates to effortlessly launch monthly phishing campaigns, targeting either all or specific members of your team.

Threat Aware Report on Threats

Targeted Training

Employees who succumb to the simulation are automatically enrolled in training that emphasizes the dangers of phishing and provides strategies for avoiding such threats in the future.

Minimize Your Human Risk

ThreatAware delivers timely and pertinent phishing simulations to nurture a vigilant and resilient cyber-aware culture. These simulations enable employees to safely and constructively explore the tactics used by hackers. By conducting monthly phishing campaigns, we typically observe an average reduction in risk by 80% over an 8-month period, starting from a baseline assessment!

Automated Phishing Program Management

Setup your campaigns once and have your phishing simulations run on auto-pilot for 12 months. You’ll receive monthly campaign reports, while employees identified as at-risk are automatically enrolled in phishing awareness training.

Industry Benchmarking
& Detailed Reporting

Receive in-depth reports from completed campaigns, pinpointing at-risk staff members and departments. Additionally, you can compare your ongoing performance with industry peers to gauge your progress.

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