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Companies are more at risk now than ever

Hackers have changed their approach, increasingly targeting staff & exploiting human error. ThreatAware offers a complete solution to test, train, measure and reduce human risk.

What We Do

Threat Aware offers a complete solution to test, train, measure and reduce human risk.
Companies have spent the last decade securing and improving their IT systems, in an effort to protect their businesses and clients. For this reason, hackers have changed their approach, increasingly targeting staff & exploiting human error.

Threat Aware Identify Dark Web Threats

Awareness Training

Foster a cyber aware culture with performance leaderboards, monthly security champion awards, and offer certificates on course completion.

Threat Aware Monitor Dark Web Threats

Phishing Simulation

Choose from an extensive library of quality templates, from which you can then automatically send monthly phishing campaigns to all, or to select members of your staff.

Threat Aware Report on Threats

DarkWeb Monitoring

We notify you immediately when critical compromised assets are identified. Giving you the best chance to protect your business and clients.

Threat Aware Identify Dark Web Threats

Threat Prepare

The more you are Aware, the more you can Prepare. We assist your company to track and triage incidents, create effective policies and procedures to minimise the business risk.

Threat Aware Monitor Dark Web Threats

Threat Predict

It’s not enough to simply be ready, you need to be ahead. The platform allows us to see patterns long before they become incidents and offers the intelligence to keep your business, your employees more protected.

Threat Aware Report on Threats

Threat Aware

Simulations allow staff to experience the methods hackers use safely. We see an average of 80% reduction in risk over 8 months from a baseline reading!


Q. How often should employees undergo cybersecurity awareness training?

ThreatAware is a monthly training program taking no more than 15 minutes per month with quick engaging lessons. Regular updates and refresher courses are recommended, especially as new threats and attack methods emerge

Q. What topics are typically covered in cybersecurity awareness training?

ThreatAware training covers a range of topics, including but not limited to: understanding and identifying phishing attacks, password best practices, safe browsing habits, protecting sensitive data, social engineering, the importance of software updates and patching.

Q. How does phish testing work, and what benefits does it provide?

Phish testing is the process of simulating phishing attacks to assess an organisation’s vulnerability to such threats. This is done by sending fake phishing emails to employees and monitoring their responses. Partnered with our cyber security awareness training. We raise the overall effectiveness of the organisations security.


We will help significantly reduce you human cyber risk with an easy to follow security awareness program. Our dedicated support team will help get started, and ensure you achieve maximum impact.

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